Let's Veg About It Podcast

We Need A Veggie-Vival!

February 09, 2020 That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach Season 3
Let's Veg About It Podcast
We Need A Veggie-Vival!
Show Notes

The idea of food as a tool for health is not necessarily new. What we eat affects our health and wellbeing. Some of that is also influenced by the source and type of food consumed. Numerous studies point out that preparing food at home is associated with a healthier diet and greater fruit and vegetable intake. Yet, recent findings suggest that more Americans are eating away from home (a 42% increase) and preparing food at home less often (a 25% decrease). 

So for this special week, we are focused on helping upgrade your wellness, by making strategic holistic health choices. So tune in as we get into all things cooking: things that you want to know, mistakes that you may have been making in the kitchen and how to correct them. Food isn’t like medicine, it is medicine, so let’s veg up and cook to nourish. 


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