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Let's Veg About It Podcast

That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach

Are you looking to transition to a more plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, or cleaner way of eating? Do you want to eat more organically, locally and environmentally, but are intimidated by your local health markets? Have you been recently diagnosed with a lifestyle or autoimmune disease that requires a restrictive diet? Would you like to make room for nutritious foods that will become your pantry staples and mealtime favorites? Do you want to make a fresh start to restocking your kitchen, but don't know where to begin? Would you like to gain a better understanding of how to stock a healthy, healing and holistic kitchen from the grocery cart to the fridge and pantry? Let’s get veggie together to transform your kitchen and your health. As the self-appointed marketing director for the veggies of the world and former veggie hater, Chef Annette aka That Veggie Gurl is committed to inspiring you to make Veggies Ya Bae. Drawing from her experience as a master certified clinical health coach, holistic chef, and retired educator, get answers to your questions on how to use food as medicine. After successfully being able to reverse Stage 4 Cancer, solely by making the transition to a plant-based diet, Annette recognized how important it is for everyone to start cooking more and nourishing their bodies with holistic healing foods. Class is in session and it’s time for you to get in the kitchen and cook up some wellness.

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